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  Star Grip

Founded in 2001, Star Grip has been manufacturing golf grips in the USA for over 20 years. Made from our proprietary StarTack EPDM compound, our grips are produced using a seamless injection molding process which results in unmatched quality, performance, and consistency with a weight tolerance of +/-1 gram. They are also unquestionably some of the longest lasting grips in the industry. As such, we are proud to offer an unprecedented 3-year durability guarantee on every grip we make - whether purchased directly from us or from any of our dealers located around the world. If they become hard, slick, or crack within 3 years, just contact us and we'll send you a free replacement! 

One thing which makes our grips unique is that they are designed for quick tapeless installation. This allows you to install a full set of grips within a matter of minutes with no tape, no solvent, and no drying time. Whether you're a high-volume pro shop or a golfer installing their own grips, being able to swing the clubs immediately after being installed is a huge benefit! Of course, you can still use the old tape & solvent method if you prefer, but we believe that once you try the tapeless installation you'll never go back. You can view our tapeless installation here:

With durability which can literally outlast than the clubs on which they are installed, these will be the last grips you'll ever need! 

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