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Sidewinder 360°

$7.99 USD

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The Star Sidewinder 360° is a high performance textured grip that provides firmer gripping control preferred by many golfers. The symmetrical "S" texture pattern was chosen to enhance directional grip on the club, similar to that provided by corded grips. Coupled with unprecedented durability, this grip is the perfect fit for the golf enthusiast who demands the ultimate performance and reliability from their grips. The symmetrical 360° design, which is free of logos or alignment marks, is a great match for today's adjustable clubs. 

Size Core                                                 
Standard .600" 47g 48g 49g 53g 51g 49g 47g
Midsize .600" 64g 67g 67g 73g 67g 66g --
Undersize .580" 45g 47g 47g 51g 48g 47g 46g

Most traditional golf grips, which are made with a mixture of cheap rubber, fillers, and synthetic materials, will harden or become slick over time with exposure to sweat, heat, UV, and ozone. Star Grips, which are 100% made in the USA, are made of a proprietary rubber compound that does not deteriorate in those conditions. Every grip comes with a 3-year warranty which guarantees that the grips will not harden, crack, split, or become slick during that time. This reliability will enhance the performance of your golf swing, whether it's your 1st round or your 100th! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Scott Pasiuk
Awesome control.

I have been using star grips for about 4 years now. This is the first replacement i have had to do. They last forever. I play twice a week. I live in Florida so they can withstand extreme temps. My handicap has gone done from a 7 to a 5. Not saying it has to do with the grips but they do help. I use the air gun to install also. Thanks for an awesome product that does what you claim.

Steven Crist

I was a long-time user of the Tour Vervet but after seeing various comments about these grips I ordered a couple to try on my driver and pitching wedge. It was instant love. They are slightly softer than the TV and have more tackiness also. Close inspection of the grip shows there is no visible seam (like the 2-piece TV). Thus there is 100% "dimple" coverage on the grip. Installing them myself was aided by the grips not having logos to align. Unlike the TV they seem to continually hold their tack without constantly wiping down. I like that they are made in the USA so hopefully supply-side issues can be eliminated. Finally, I ordered the rest of the grips to complete the set.

Jesse Wellman
Great grip!

Perfect! Go on anyway and have better tackiness than golf pride I feel.

John Klein

Star Sidewinder grip are second to none. They out perform their competition in every category.

First time user

Been thinking about trying Sidewinder and finally bought a couple to try. I liked them a lot so I bought more and re gripped every club in my bag. Very, very easy install (I used tape and solvent) on every club. I love not having a logo. Great feeling grip, and just the right amount of tacky for my taste. They clean up easy too. I’ve used Golf Pride Tour Velvet most of my golfing life. I like Sidewinder better, especially being more tacky. Plus Star grips are made in the USA. Very fast shipping too. I’m a happy customer.

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