Classic Wrap

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Neon Pink
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The Star Classic Wrap is a soft, highly tacky seamless grip made from a high-tack pure rubber compound. If you want a grip that will stick to your hands and not twist, this is the one! This grip provides a soft supple feel which is easy on the hands, while a classic perforated design gives your clubs a timeless look. The symmetrical 360° design, which is free of logos or alignment marks, is a great match for today's adjustable clubs. 


Size Core                            
Standard .600" 47g 51g 51g 54g
Midsize (+1/16") .600" 63g 64g 66g 70g
Undersize (-1/32") .580" 40g 42g 42g 46g

Star Grips, which are 100% made in the USA, are made of a proprietary rubber compound which does not become hard or slick with exposure to sweat, heat, UV rays, ozone, etc. This sets them apart from most other brands which are made with a mixture of cheap rubber, fillers, and other synthetic materials, and come with no warranty at all. Every Star Grip comes with a 3-year warranty which guarantees that the grips will not harden, crack, split, or become slick during that time. This reliability will enhance the performance of your golf swing, whether its your 1st round or your 100th! 

Our optional tapeless installation method is quick, simple, neat, and allows the club to be used immediately with no drying time! Using an air compressor and our installation gun, you can install Star grips over old tape, build-up tape, or directly on the bare shaft. For those of you who prefer the “old school” tape & solvent method, you can do that as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Peter Bobinta
Star classic grips

Hello everyone, thank you for getting my grips to me in a timely fashion. I got to the installation right away and had absolutely no problems. Next up was a great time playing with the new grips and really liked the look n the feel was just right. I would recommend anyone looking for a new set of grips to not hesitate n get these. (Made in USA). Thanks again, "good job"


They are a very popular grip for my customers! And they are very affordable!

Roland Lambert
No Sweat!!

I live in hot & humid South Carolina so in the Summer our hands sweat. I installed the Star Classic Wrap grips and the club does NOT slip in my hands. A good product.

Ed Barnes
Star grips vs Golf Pride

I prefer the Star grip to the equivalent Golf Pride grips. The rubber is better, the finish last longer and it's made in America!

Thomas Soricelli
Awesome Grips!!

I have been using Star Grips for a long time now and for me there is no other grip that comes close to them. The quality and durability are outstanding.

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