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I just got the Sidewinders in and I ordered a few colors for some to look at. Well, I couldn’t take it and put a orange on my driver to test it. After a few swings on the course, I have now decided to replace the Winn 2.0 to these. It did exactly what I want and feel.

Smoothee Wrap
best seller

before i recently retired i worked at a public course in kansas and was "the grip guy." the smoothee was by far our best seller, and for good reason - great grip.

Classic Wrap 360°
Harvey Cook
Best Grips Ever!

I have used these grips for > 20 years and would never use anything else. I wash them after every round and they always feel brand new and tacky after even years of use. Love the feel. Also, very durable. I also like the way they look - very traditional like the old wrapped leather grips.

Tour Star+ 360°
Edward Burgess
Better than I thought……

Not too soft, not too hard. Lower larger hand feels right. They clean up amazingly well. Can’t wait to use them in humid weather. Gloves will last twice as long as they are less aggressive than GP’s, but much better feel. Also, very easy to install with a compressor.
Plus, they are made in America!

Sidewinder 360°
Sidewinder 360

I previously had a different rubber grip on my clubs and was satisfied with them however I just love these star grips!!

Grip installation nozzle

I have my own air compressor and this nozzle worked fantastic. Installed 10 grips in about 15 minutes!!!

Awesome Grips!!!

Just put the midsize Sidewinder grips on my clubs and couldn't be happier. I am partial to a little softer grip that is tacky, so I can use a light grip on the club. Voila! The sidewinder grips are just what I have been looking for. Easy to put on (I used the old tape and solvent method) and they give me the feeling that I am in control of the club. I don't have any data on durability at this point but I hope that they last as advertised. Wish I had found these grips much earlier! Would definitely buy again in the future. Highly recommended.

Grips and gun

Got the install gun with my new grips. Before putting new Star grips on I tried taking old grips an older practice club. While using the gun it was surprisingly easy. Getting old grip off, a little more challenging, but easier than scraping. Now time for new Star grips to go on. Very easy install, you don't need to have alot of air pressure to get a grip on.
Love the gun, Love the grips.

Smoothee Wrap
michael cutro
Great Grip

The Star Smoothee is a tacky soft duplicate of a leather grip. With care the grip should last a long time. Great price as well.

Tour Star+ 360°
Barry Sokol
Initial results

I tried the tour Star + 360 standard grip and the sidewinder Midsize grip and sidewinder oversized grip on my irons. My dispersion pattern was 7 yards tighter with the sidewinder Midsized vs the tour Star + and sidewinder oversized grip. All 3 were very comfortable grips and worked the draws and fades very well, but I felt like I had better control with the midsized sidewinders. I may have to try the Tour Star Plus in a midsize to be fair in the near future. Great grips made in the USA! 😬⛳️🏌️

Classic Wrap 360°
Gerald Padgett
Love these grips

Great feel comfortable in your hands. Easy to install and they stay put

Great Grip

I’ve had the same set of Star Grips on my irons for 15 years. They’ve remained tacky enough and not even worn enough to need to replace them. I had Golf Pride compound grips on my woods and hybrids and they were slick and really needed replacing. I ordered the Star 360 wrap grips and replaced them myself. Having new grips is like hitting new clubs. I don’t wear a golf glove so it helps me to have a good grip. For the past 6 years I’ve played approximately 200 rounds a year and I’m amazed and very happy with Star grips.

Tour Star+ 360°
Scot Sandrin
New to Star Grips

These are great grips. Easy to install with air (my first experience doing that). I’ve played 4 rounds so far- no slip! Just give them a wipe off and they remain tacky.
Their customer service rep was great to deal with. They actually were proactive in contacting me on an order issue and made it right. Fast shipping as well. A+
I am telling my golf buddies about these grips!

Sidewinder 360°
scott bench
Best grips ever

Over the past 70 years I have used every grip available and I’m convinced that the star sidewinder is the best!! Feel, durability, tackiness and looks. And made in the USA! I’ll never use another one!!

Great feel

Purchased a set of Tour Stars to try re-gripping all of my clubs. Weighed all of the grips to see how close they’d be to spec and how swingweight might change. The lowest was 53.86g and the highest was 54.68g. Doesn’t get better than that and they feel great too. Re-gripping with air is easy!

Classic Wrap 360°
Steve D'Andrea
My new favorite grip!

Excellent feel, shock absorption and tacki-ness. Best wrap grip available and made in the USA!

Smoothee Wrap
scott harwood
Fantastic Grips...Yay

These grips are the grippiest the feel and the durability...keep up the great job Star...

Classic Wrap 360°
Jonathan Coats
Best Wrap Grip on the market

This is a higher quality grip than Golf Pride or the others. Easy tapeless installation. I have confidence they will last longer than the alternatives.

Tour Star+ 360°
Watson Brian

Easy to install, durable, made in the USA.


These grips are incredibly taki and yet still firm enough to give you a solid feel. Looking forward to playing them this season.

Sidewinder 360°
Spence Briggs
Great Grips!

I first bought one for my driver and quickly learned I needed to add to the rest of my set. Easy to install with an air compressor - have had over a year and they are still very tacky. Highly recommend!

Great Grips

These grips are tacky, long lasting and easy to clean. What more do you need?

Awesome Grips

I removed my Golf Pride CP2 midsize grips for the Classic Wrap 360 midsize grips and am very satisfied with them. Excellent service and quick delivery. I would definitely recommend these grips and would buy them again. Deal directly with Star Grip vs. a second party.

I like the tapered feel and it’s tacky enough, but I thought or was hoping the oversized would be bigger.

Quality product

These grips are Q1! From ease of installation to finish, the feel of these grips are remarkable. American made.

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