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So far so good

(4.5/5) Ordered 2 SW360 Md in Red for my wedges to test out. Softer and smoother than I anticipated, not necessarily a bad thing. Arrived quick and I installed like normal with tape. I’m on a new grip journey and these work pretty well. Only fault was that the grips reeked of solvent out of the mailer. Not sure if that’s the normal smell of the rubber compound or what but it was notable. Rating doesn’t allow it but I give them 4.5/5

This isn't my first purchase. I bought a new Utility Iron and I needed a grip for it. As per usual, Star shipped quickly, the installation took about 4 seconds, and I'm a happy customer.

Sidewinder 360°
Ross Bailey
Just might be the best grip in golf

Ok, I admit it, I’m a golf nerd. A 70yo golf nerd that tinkers with my equipment, works on my friends equipment & a few loyal customers. This grip will get compared to a GP tour velvet but it’s better. The compound of the “rubber” stays tackier and the ability to use air to install & UNINSTALL
Makes modifying the grip size so easy.
I’m sold!

Jumbo Review

I ordered a set of the jumbo grips. Positives……The texture was good, soft and tacky with good feel. Easy to install with the air gun. Negative ……for jumbo grips they are on the small side, more like other manufacturers midsize. They are also short, I have large hands and they are considerably shorter than others. Not for me….

Tour Star+ 360°
Lyndon Evans
As advertised

Nice product at a good price. Very satisfied with purchase.

Sidewinder 360°
William Finegan
Very satisfied

Installation was a snap. Early view, very nice.


Gets the Job Done

I purchased installation gun to use in installking midsize MCC+4 GolfPride grips. It worked perfectly and made installation way easier than using some of the multipurpose attachments you can buy at a Home Depo/Lowes. Did not try it on GolfPride jumbo size grip, but I think it would fit one of those as well. I did try it on a JumboMax XL grip and that grip was too large not just for the installation gun but also my hands. Star also included one of their standard size grips with the purchase and I really liked the grip, but it was a little small for me.

Classic Wrap

I had a tough time installing my grips with the air nozzle. I will get bubbles as I would install it onto my golf shaft. I end up having to use solvent
To install grips.

Grips are ok.

Really a 3.5 rating.
Easy to install
Soft and tacky
Great price

Very slippery in high humidity- this will most likely force me to move to something else.

Classic Wrap
Dan Severson
Great grips, nice and tacky

Really like the Star grips. Tacky and feel good. Tour wrap style is nice. Will continue using and highly recommend.

Nozzle is a plus

Nozzle worked great, fit on to one of my existing air guns fine. The fit on non Star Grips was difficult as the hole was not as big but solved it with a drill to enlarge the hole. Will continue regrouping with this method as it worked great, no tape or solvent!!

Sidewinder 360°
Josh Hurley
Great grips!

Had a bit of trouble getting the first one on(make sure you guide the grip on from BEHIND the shaft, not on it) but after that first one was extremely smooth and I love them! Going to purchase a few more to complete the set!

Works as described, it does work with other grips as well.

It does work with other grips fine.

Tour Star+ 360°
James D McLeod
as described

The grips are slightly tacky. Firm but do not hurt the hands. Easy to install. The air gun comes ready for use.

Sidewinder 360°
Great grips.

I’ve used these for about a year. Firm but soft feel, great tackiness. Installation with an air compressor is super easy, I’ll never go back to installing grips with solvent.

Super tacky. Great for desert climate

These grips are the most tacky grips I’ve played. The feel great and are super long-lasting. They are perfect for desert climates with very little humidity or rain. I did play with them recently in Florida with high humidity and they were a little slippery with sweaty hands, which should be assumed with a non-cord and smooth grip. But still fine as long as I mostly kept them dry.

Tour Star+ 360°
Michael Hinas Gradin

I love them, have them on every club except putter. Amazing grip, clubs don't twist in hand even when you hold them light.

The best at the best price! Can’t go wrong!

Classic Wrap
Michael Misencik
Easy to put on great grip

These were very easy to put on with my air compressor and the grips are very grippy and worked great on my clubs. I'm a convert.

A hole in 1!

Love this product! So quick & easy to put grips on! You can adjust your grip, no problem!!! No mess at all! LOVE IT!!!

I ordered midsize and standard is what I received.

Sidewinder 360°
Eugene Gallacher
Great Grip and Easy Install

Got the chance to test these grips from the My Golf Spy site and was super impressed. Nice and soft, but not squishy, plus the install method is so simple with air. Colours are very bright, especially the Orange Sidewinder. Everyone do yourself a favour and try these out, you’ll not be disappointed.
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