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The Tour Star+ is a reduced-taper version of our Classic Wrap. Made from the same soft tacky rubber compound, this grip has a larger lower section - equal to 3-4 extra wraps of tape - which promotes reduced grip pressure in the lower hand. This results in less tension in the wrists and a more fluid swing. The additional thickness of this grip also provides the ultimate shock absorption which removes impact vibration to reduce stress on the hands and elbows. And just like all of our grips, the symmetrical 360° design which is free of logos or alignment marks is a great match for today's adjustable clubs.

Size Core                            
Standard .600" 54g 58g 59g 63g
.600" 75g 80g 80g 87g

Star Grips, which are 100% made in the USA, are made of a proprietary rubber compound which does not become hard or slick with exposure to sweat, heat, UV rays, ozone, etc. This sets them apart from most other brands which are made with a mixture of cheap rubber, fillers, and other synthetic materials, and come with no warranty at all. Every Star Grip comes with a 3-year warranty which guarantees that the grips will not harden, crack, split, or become slick during that time. This reliability will enhance the performance of your golf swing, whether its your 1st round or your 100th! 

Our optional tapeless installation method is quick, simple, neat, and allows the club to be used immediately with no drying time! Using an air compressor and our installation gun, you can install Star grips over old tape, build-up tape, or directly on the bare shaft. For those of you who prefer the “old school” tape & solvent method, you can do that as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

Great feeling grip, and easy to install. I had the Sidewinders installed initially but wanted a grip with slightly less taper. The Tours fit the bill. These grips stay nice and sticky even when dirty after a couple range sessions. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and they're back to new.

Jim Patten
Great grips

Used Star grips for probably 10 years or so. The looks are pretty basic, black, but durability is great, and that’s what counts.
Great grips.

Allen H
Excellent grips!

The Tour Star+ grips are excellent grips with just the right amount of "cushion" for my arthritic hands without sacrificing feel! Tacky enough that a glove is optional. Absolutely love the "no tape" install. No issues whatsoever with grips twisting.

Bert Fredericksen
Great grips!

I’ve been using Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips for years and now will never go back. These grips are super tacky and feel great in the hand. Not having to use tape and solvent is just icing on the cake. It used to take me up to an hour to regrip a set of clubs. Not it is 15 minutes max. My only wish was that the jumbo grips came in more colors than red, white, blue and black.

Williams Brett

Five star! Very comfortable grips

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