Star Grip Standard Air Installation Gun


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The Star Grip installation gun can be used with any air compressor to quickly install your Star grips without the need for any tape, solvent, or drying time. Less time, less mess, less waiting - just blow and go! Comes with a quick-connect installed so you can connect it to any air hose with a quick connect adapter. 

Even the simplest 1-2 gallon compressor will work, all you need is 60-90psi air pressure to install and remove grips. You can view our grip installation video here:

PLEASE NOTE: This tool is designed to be used ONLY with Star grips. Star grips are made with a special material which is extremely tacky on the inside to ensure that they grip tightly to the shaft and never slip, while other brands of grips will gradually move/slip over time. It is also not meant to remove grips which were installed with tape & solvent. Any damage caused to the tool by use with other brands of grips will not be covered under warranty. 

Customer Reviews

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Rodney Brummund
It works fine very fitting

Worked fine very form fitting

Kaya Yurtkuran
Needs better design

I like the idea. However, it could work better; a little mineral spirit works excellently.

Mike Singleton
Tapeless Grip Installation

While I have one of these pneumatic grip installation guns, I have no garage air compressor to utilize the tool with. That said, I have been re-gripping golf clubs since I was 13 years old.....or 54 years now......used to provide free re-grip's to all club members who had club storage rental when I was a young man working at the golf club growing up. I have used many different adhesion methods to appease the club professionals whom I worked for, but my tried & true method through the years is

a) I only use double backed tape ( from the same mfgr. always to insure consistent tape thickness ) for buildup and final layers.....i.e. no masking tape, etc etc.

b) I have found that basic lighter fluid works better than any other solvent, it allows sufficient time to slip on & straighten grip while drying to usable in 20min. or less

c) I would never install a grip without double backed tape to adhere to the grips ID for a permanent grip install....I'll assume these air installs are for testing, customer feels & diameter/texture customer preferences......therefore you can blow on/off until you get what the customer desires, but then I'm using double backed tape, period.

I'm Old School, but I've installed more grips than possibly the next 100 people combined through the years & I know what works and what is suspect.

The tapeless installation is absolutely meant for permanent installation, not just testing. Unlike most other grips on the market, ours will never twist or slip due to the extreme tackiness of the material that we use. The inside of the grip is so perfectly smooth and tacky that it will stick to any surface (old tape, build-up tape, bare shaft) and never move. Yet when it comes time to regrip, the grip can be removed in less than 1 second using a quick blast of air. This also makes it easy to play around with grip sizing using build-up layers.

We've dealt with countless shops and clubmakers over the year who, like you, have sworn by the tape & solvent method. But once they switch to the tapeless method they never go back. We encourage you to give it a try if you can get your hands on a compressor, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Gerald Kibler

I have been using and selling Star grips for over 2 years and they are great. They are easy to blow on with their installation gun and last a long time. I have been playing with a set of irons with the Wrap style grip on them for the last 2 years and just by keeping them clean they are still as tacky as ever an
d show no wear. I highly recommend these grips. This is the first grip I show my customers and it usually is the one I put on their set. They are agreat savings over the big brand names.

Steve Sanford
Makes group changes easy

This device makes installing grips super easy and fast. Works very well.

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