Star Grip Professional Air Installation Gun


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The Star Grip Professional Installation Air Gun can be used with any air compressor to quickly install your Star grips without the need for any tape, solvent, or drying time. Less time, less mess, less waiting - just blow and go! Comes with a quick-connect installed so you can connect it to any air hose with a quick connect adapter. 

Even the simplest 1-2 gallon compressor will work, all you need is 60-90psi air pressure to install and remove grips. You can view our grip installation video here:

**This gun will ship with the new and improved version of our installation nozzle, which is slightly different than the one pictured.**

 Tapeless Installation Demo: 

Customer Reviews

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Makes installing grips very easy.


Can the air installation gun be used on new Golf Pride grips, or do they need to be Star Grips?
Also, does the lack of tape in the process make it more likely that the grip will twist?

Our grip installation gun is designed primarily to be used for the installation and removal of Star brand grips. There is no guarantee that it will work with any other brand of grips, in fact we have tested many others that do not work well because they will slip or slide without double-sided tape to hold them in place. Our grips are designed intentionally to be used without the need of double-sided tape or solvent, whereas nearly all other grips are designed specifically to be used with tape.

wally watkins
Air gun installer

Works great, very easy to use. Re gripped all my clubs in 45 minutes and went right out and hit them.

scott corsaut
Great tool

Did 13 clubs within an hour. great device and price

Air gun

I bought a bunch of stuff on my transaction including the air gun. I just wanted to try and see what's easier for me, classic solvent or air gun. Like other reviewers and youtube, using air to get the old one off could be tricky sometimes. Additionally it can be tricky to get the new grip on as well. There seems to be an internal regulator or something as my compressor seemed to cycle frequently even when not in use. It seemed like it was leaking air out. I would put the gun on the grip, and sometimes without squeezing the trigger, the leakage on it would be too much and blow the grip out. If that didn't happen, just a small touch on the trigger was too much and would also blow the grip out. Fortunately that was removing the old grips. Although I did blow one of my new velvet ones out a little while trying to get it on. I just took some rope and wrapped it tight for a couple days. I actually forgot about it and like the following weekend or whatever I pulled it out and checked on it, and it seemed shrunk back to normal. I've been actually doing quite well with that club. I have an old school craftsman 2 gallon compressor, psi was set to 50. I had it set for 65 initially based on manufacturer website. I dialed it back though to try and find the internal regulator psi or stop air from seeping out, but found my tank at 50psi to work best for me. I think for me personally, I like the solvent method better. Just because I know I can get it all the way on no problem, and don't have to worry about blowing a grip out. It's airways good to have more tools in the garage.

The grip installation gun is meant primarily for installing our grips without tape or solvent. While it can sometimes be successfully used to remove grips which were installed with tape & solvent without destroying them, we generally recommend cutting them off as it's quicker & less dangerous (no risk of blowing them up). Once you switch over to the tapeless installation method, that's when you'll be able to quickly remove grips with the air gun and then install the new set using the gun as well. But for the first time using it, you'll probably just want to cut the old grips off and use the gun for installation only.

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