Smoothee Wrap

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The Smoothee wrap grip, based on the design of our Classic Wrap, lacks perforations which allows more surface area to come in contact with the hand or glove for the ultimate tackiness. If an old-school leather wrap is the look and feel that you're after, then this is your grip. Classic. Retro. Smooth. 

Size Core       
Standard .600" 47g

Star Grips, which are 100% made in the USA, are made of a proprietary rubber compound which does not become hard or slick with exposure to sweat, heat, UV rays, ozone, etc. This sets them apart from most other brands which are made with a mixture of cheap rubber, fillers, and other synthetic materials, and come with no warranty at all. Every Star Grip comes with a 3-year warranty which guarantees that the grips will not harden, crack, split, or become slick during that time. This reliability will enhance the performance of your golf swing, whether its your 1st round or your 100th! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Mills

Started using the Smoothie grips after swinging an Orange Whip for several years and just love them. They feel like the leather hand wrapped grips I used years ago as a kid, they almost stick to my glove. When I first install them, they feel a bit grainy but the more I use them, the better they feel. I install them myself because I had tried almost every major grip made and was swapping almost every week searching for the feel I get from these Star grips. With the low price and a 3 year minimum life span, how can you go wrong.

Rob middleton
Great leather grip alternative

I typically use leather grips, but as I get older my hands are getting more sensitive to the shock and vibrations at impact. So I decided to try a softer rubber grip, and holy cow do these feel great! Stickiest grips I have ever used, and they have the timeless leather wrap look. Should last a lot longer too, and quite a bit cheaper.

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