Star Grip Installation Air Gun

$29.99 USD

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The Star Grip Gun can be used with any air compressor to quickly install your Star grips without the need for any tape, solvent, or drying time. Less time, less mess, less waiting - just blow and go! Comes with a quick-connect installed so you can connect it to any air hose with a quick connect adapter. 

Even the simplest 1-2 gallon compressor will work, all you need is 60-90psi air pressure to install and remove grips. You can view our grip installation video here:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Tanner
Grips and gun

Got the install gun with my new grips. Before putting new Star grips on I tried taking old grips an older practice club. While using the gun it was surprisingly easy. Getting old grip off, a little more challenging, but easier than scraping. Now time for new Star grips to go on. Very easy install, you don't need to have alot of air pressure to get a grip on.
Love the gun, Love the grips.

JT Snow
Air Gun

The Air Gun is amazing, what an easy way to change out grips. I don’t wear a glove, so I change grips often, excited to get my new star grips as well,

Great product,


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